Location Marketing


One effect of globalization is the struggle for respect for the site. Large cities with their location advantages are positioning themselves as well as smaller cities or regions.

Within a radius of 50 kilometers, you will find up to five medium-sized cities competing against each other with summer music festivals f.e.

We see ourselves as supporters in developing their own identities and profiles that provide a USP over their competitors without losing their mainstream appeal.

Here are two examples from practice.

1.The conceptual and practical cooperation (DEAG) with the Kultur Räume Gütersloh helped to make the Gütersloh Theater, which was opened in 2010, faster nationally visible and to add a cultural aspect to the business location Gütersloh.

2.The 200th birthday of Karl Marx in Trier. With the running play MARX! LOVE! REVOLUTION, Johannes Kram has given back the young Karl Marx to his native city of Trier. What was especially considered by the gift of a Karl Mark statue from China with special media attention. The project could be realized through the collaboration of the author with the tourism marketing Trier.

Kulturstandortmarketing Gütersloh
Marx! Love! Revolution!

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