The Sportsfriend-Philosophy

Based on the philosophy of sports friendship, we offer exclusive theater and music theater content and productions. The basis for the storyboards, as in Sportainment diversity, is the approach of a broad audience through entertaining presentation and current content. One of our key expertise is storytelling. Only the interesting and well-told story reaches the attention and thus the identification of the audience.

Writing the good story is the first step in concept development for all our range of activities.

Then comes the appropriate staging.

Then their marketing. Our expertise lies in the 360 ​​° marketing strategies of the entertainment business with additional reference to location / culture / tourism marketing.

The Art Of Surprising Duos

Unusual times open up possibilities beyond the standard.

If the familiar is not possible, it is a good time to present the unusual and enter the rooms behind the opening doors. Time to think outside the familiar drawers.

A LUDENSMOVENDO Theater Special Offer

In times of imprecise loosening we would like to make theatres a special offer.

  • As long as it is not possible to calculate with full houses and no orchestras or ensemble theatre productions can be offered on the stages,
  • As long as you have to consider which offer of high-quality artists makes sense in front of a hall that is half full due to the restrictions.
  • As long as the audience’s longing for culture in the theatre is inflamed in a new way,

we would like to use the window to present unusual music duos that surprise, entertain and inspire the audience in their own very special way.


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Marx! Love! Revolution!

Music Theatre

Die Zauberfloete

For downloading the .pdf, please click here: Download Presse-Clipping “Die Zauberflöte”

For downloading the .pdf, please click here: Download Presse-Clipping “Carmen”