Sports friendship is the origin from which we develop our concepts. The field and the grandstand belong together and condition each other. We see it as a unity equivalent to the game. Sports friendship is a platform on which diversity can gather and communicate. Supporting this communication is our passion.

Sports friendship means fighting one another fairly and confronting each other in playful opposition. The respect for the opponent after the game is part oft he game.

Our offer includes:

FUSSBALL FANCHOR CONTEST – The ball is rolling!

Dear football-fans,
it is the time to raise your voices! – for your football club and for the cup of the Fussball Fanchor Contest!

Symposium for the UEFA EURO 2024

On January 17th, 2024 we were proud to present the FOOTBALL FANCHOR CONTEST project as part of a symposium for the UEFA EURO 2024!
Three variants are currently being planned:

  1. Stadium Fan Club Contest
  2. Polyphonic fan choirs
  3. Fan zone variant for EURO 2024

We keep you updated!

The ball is rolling and we are excited!

We as German Football Ambassadors support this idea, which was now presented publicly for the first time in cooperation with Ludens Movendo, Heilbronn University and fcplayfair. Our long-time companion WDR presenter Stephan Kaußen eloquently led through the topic in the Arena Hohenlohe, accompanied by the driving force Norbert Eierding from Ludens Movendo, who has been working with his students for two years for this day.

The FUSSBALL FANCHOR CONTEST, where the chants of soccer fan groups are the focus, is to have its premiere on June 3 for the DFB Cup final.

Article from the Haller Tagesblatt from 21 January 2023

On 17.01.23, the team from Heilbronn University/Campus Künzelsau publicly presented the concept of a new fan culture event for the first time in the Arena Hohenlohe: The FUSSBALL FANCHOR CONTEST. The whole thing was moderated by the well-known football commentator and book author Dr. Stephan Kaußen. With the support of SWR, Heilbronner Stimme and others, the next step will be to call on soccer fans to participate as fan choirs in the pilot event on June 3, 2023. The day will conclude with a joint public viewing of the DFB Cup final.

Call for participation in the FOOTBALL FANCHOR CONTEST

Sport-immanent entertainment concepts

Fechter & Ballettänzerin
SPORT-Without Limits

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German 500

Modules for the playful marketing of sporting events


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Ambassador concepts

Deutscher Fussball Botschafter
Fussball Globus

Sport Art Vehicles

Sport Art Car

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Fitness device design


Sportgeräte Design